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Welcome to my photography. I have been doing this all of my life. I remember being 8 years old in the bathroom converted to a dark room watching my father print pictures and loving the smell of hypo. I have been shooting events and people as long as I can remember. Today with digital everything has changed. I have been shooting digital since 1999 and I am on my 6th digital camera "all Nikon's". Currently I am shooting with a D-200 and have never produced such consistently great pictures. I love shooting events and parties and it does an awesome job with the SB-800 flash. My long running passion for landscape and scenic photography is sharing my time with candid street photography. This site and Flickr have pumped new life into my work as I have found an easy way to show my work and I look forward to comments and having my stuff chosen as someone's favorite. I have always known that I have talent and this new confirmation has led me to strike out in new areas. I must say that looking at what others are doing is stimulating my somewhat traditional view on what to shoot. This is good. I am married and live in Los Angeles and make my living as a Remodeling Contractor primarily doing kitchens and bathrooms. This supports my being an artist but I am never without a camera, even if it's a camera phone. I welcome your feed back and always love hearing from other Photography fans. Go to Call today 310-487-7100 Event and portriate Photographer

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